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The graphic quality is drastically reduced and the game is outdated on this Web Version. Consider downloading the lastest version of the game (v15). :)

Current Language: English

  • RMB - Move character, Select target to start the battle;
  • LMB - Camera movement;
  • Shift + LMB - Set new camera default position;
  • Scrollwheel and MMB - Zoom and Camera Reset;
  • D Press - Parry: Use it when the enemy attack is about to hit.
  • D Hold - Defend: Consumes SP to reduce the damage taken;
  • F - Critical Hit (Only when prompted). If your Parry was sucessfully done you'll be able to perform a critical attack;
  • P - Open Store;
  • Q, W and E- Skills Available in this version (version 15 only). The Q Skill requires a selected target.
  • Hold Tab for more Infos.
  • Click on "Effects o" to toggle off post-processing effects (Better performance, but poor visuals).

  • Breno Oshiro: Game Designer, Scripting, 3D Animator, Concept Artist;
  • Guilherme Varela: Character Modeling;
  • Leonardo Kyian: Enviroment Modeling;
  • Keoma Baudin: Game Designer;
  • Michel Silva: Concept Artist, Composer, Sound Design, Game Design;
  • Pietro Rodrigues: Scripting;
  • Vinícius Tatsuya: Collaborator;
  • Lucas Ramos: Collaborator.


If you are having problems on loading it, try refreshing the page or downloading the Stand Alone version.

Also, the downloadable version has a better visual quality and options. Recommended!

Contact: contato.frozendogsquad@outlook.com

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Note: This game is currently being developed on Windows and we are not sure about how the game is running on other OSs, but you can give us feedback via those contact methods above! Thanks for Playing!


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Aron 10.2 - MacSA 26 MB
Aron 15.rar 44 MB
Aron 15 - Linux.rar 54 MB